Blaine's Family

Arlene (mom) and Grandpa
Blaine with nieces and nephews
Joanna (sister), Nancy (sister-in-law), Spencer (brother) with kids
Joanna (sister), Kona (Chiweenie) and Jacob (brother)
Jacob (brother), Jake (brother-in-law), and Blaine
Joanna, Nate (brother), and Preston (brother)
Nate (brother) and Cameron ("firstborn"/family friend)


  1. Your "firstborn" came into your life at a 150 lbs.(ouch) And making noise right from the start. You have been a blessing in our lives to be parents to my son Cameron. You took him into your home his senior year of High School so that he could receive the blessings he was waiting for. He loves you both more than you will ever know and so do I. Your unconditional love and support and the guidance that you showed to him is so amazing. with Love always Shauna West

    1. We sure love that son of yours. Thanks for sharing him with us!