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Dear Friend,

I know that you are considering adoption. I believe that one day, you will read this profile, get to know us and will trust us enough to be a part of your life. My husband and I wait and we pray and we trust that eventually we will all find each other. We are strangers to you, but we think about you every day.

When Blaine and I first created this profile, we included hundreds of words about us. I know that if you are reading our profile, you DO want to get to know is. There’s time for that. If you decide to include us in a child's future, we will have years to get to know each other. Trust me on that.

The longer we wait for a child the more I realize this profile—our profile—is all wrong. It is all about us, and adoption is not all about us. It is about you, who have to make a scary, difficult, and ultimately, brave decision. You are strong, incredible. I cannot begin to imagine the choices that have brought you here, those circumstances that might lead you to the decision to let strangers adopt your child.

That is perhaps my greatest understanding. This process is not about us. It is about you, but it is mostly about that child, the one all of us think about all the time.

We are pursuing adoption because we cannot have children, but mostly because we know in our hearts that we will be great parents when given the chance.

We have a home that is full of love and laughter. Our family is a family built on trust and togetherness. We can offer that to a child.

We have time for a child. Blaine’s work schedule allows for incredible flexibility. Krystle’s job gives her early afternoons, weekends, holidays, and summers off. A baby would not be an accessory to our lives. A baby would become the center of our lives.

We are excited at the possibility that tomorrow brings. Maybe tomorrow you will choose to meet us. That would be awesome. Perhaps tomorrow you will receive a gentle prompting that we are two people who you might trust with the most incredible gift you could ever give two strangers. That would be beautiful. Perhaps tomorrow you will come to an understanding that you are ready to contact us, just to see if we are what you want for that baby.

Families are formed in all sorts of ways, and Heavenly Father has a way of working out the details. If you have any thought that we might be a part of your family, please get to know us a bit more.

With love,
Blaine and Krystle

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