April 28, 2013

A Mini Drive

Today was Stake Conference, so we were out of church by noon. We took this as a sign that we should go up Nebo Loop in Blaine's Mini Cooper. Oh? You haven't met this car yet? He's dreamy, and his name is Dougie. Blaine ogled this car for a few years before making the purchase, and he loves this little 1973 sweetie. Meet Dougie.

The drive was a LITTLE noisy and a lot bumpy, but that's just a reality where Dougie is concerned. And, it's so much fun that the bumps and noise don't matter after a few minutes.

Now, let me introduce you to our drive up the loop:

Lovely. The view was MUCH prettier a few years ago (before the canyon burned), but the sun was shining and I was next to my Mr., and it turns out that sunshine and Blaine combined make for a pretty stellar day.

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