April 22, 2013

Meteor Shower

"If you'd like to catch a last look at 2013 Lyrid meteor shower, this is your chance!" -NASA

I've never seen a meteor shower before, and I've never really made effort to do so.

Tonight, Blaine talked me into sleeping outside so we can check out the sweet shower. We are bundled up. We will be sleeping on the tramp, under the stars in our super cozy sleeping bags. I think we are going to freeze.

In case you are worried about us, here is the weather report for tonight:

NASA said in a statement. "Although a bright moon may interfere with viewing, you should still be able to see Lyrid meteors at an anticipated rate of 10-20 meteors per hour." Our view of the night sky:
(Not an actual photo, dramatized to prove a point. It's dark out there!) 

Wish us luck!

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