June 25, 2013

Simple Joys

Today was a day of simple joys. It wasn't extraordinary, but it was full of just enough beauty that I wanted to take a moment to share those joys with the world.

Simple Joy #1
Grandpa with my sister's little baby (January 2013)
I ran to the grocery store and while I was there, I saw my cute grandpa. This doesn't seem like a big deal, but it's the first time in my life that this has happened. Nana and Grandpa moved to town almost a year ago. When I saw my grandpa from behind, my heart kind of skipped a beat. Cowboy hat, suspenders, worn out jeans. There was something thrilling about seeing him there, being reminded of the fact that he lives just down the street. I love it.
Simple Joy #2
I talked to my dad for a bit this afternoon. We are experiencing similar frustrations, and it was so nice to gain the perspective I needed to keep moving forward. My problems are small, and my blessings are many. I am so grateful to have the father I do, and so glad daily that my parents are nearby.

Simple Joy #3
Today while Blaine was at work, I mowed the lawn. It takes something off his to-do list, makes me feel energetic, and I love the smell of cut grass. We have SO. MUCH. YARD WORK. but every bit makes me look at the lawn with a bit more hope.

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