June 9, 2013



remain in readiness for some purpose. 

Blaine is so good to me. He loves me more than I can wrap my brain around.

This week, we were driving back from a date and I asked him, "Why do you love me so much?"

He replied, "Because I waited a long time for you."

It's a tender response. And, it makes sense on a larger scale. It makes sense that people love babies as much as we do. We wait NINE months for them to come into this world.

In the case of adoption, we will wait for an UNKNOWN amount of time for a child. It's a waiting game. But wait is an action word. Part of waiting is preparing ourselves to be parents.

Using the logic of my Mr., I know that when a child, our child, finds his or her way into our home, that child will be loved more than words.

Because we have waited. And love is worth the wait.

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