July 23, 2013

Our Calculations

While teaching Primary last week, this statement jumped out at me.

Often our idea of how things should be is completely different than what the Lord has in mind. When I was younger, I never once imagined that I would not be able to have children. I figured I would marry the great guy (I did!) and we would work to build a great family (we want to!).

There are all sorts of calculations that take place in this world. As humans, we calculate the "right" age to make many of our decisions, but ultimately, and usually, there is a difference between those calculations and what actually happens. I figured I would be married by 22. I was married at 26. Sometimes the best laid plans fall short. That doesn't mean you stop planning, or just hand everything over to the Lord in frustration. It does mean, however, that you remind yourself that things are bigger than right now, that Rome wasn't built in a day, and that our sense of vision is limited. And, sometimes our calculations are different than His plan for us.

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  1. I understand about calcuations. I never thought that, at 22, I'd be divorced. Or that I'd marry a 31 year old man. Or that a chunk of our family would come through various forms of adoption. Or that I'd be ready to be finished having kids sooner than I should be :/ Calculations can sometimes help and sometimes get in the way. Are you happy? Are you moving in the direction you want to? The real questions.