October 13, 2013

Day 13: Jacer

Maybe Baby,
Your uncle Jacer was adopted, just like you. He’s going to be a great person to go to when you have questions about life; his life is a little bit like your life. From the moment Jace was born, we realized that he was a good “fit” for our family. Jace is funny. He is generous and clever. I can't imagine life without him around because he is such an important part of who my parents are, who we all have become.

That’s what adoption does. It creates new, interesting families. I met his birth mother the day he was born. She was funny and sassy and bright. She loved him so much that she wanted to give him a better life than what she could provide, so she allowed my parents to adopt him. I think he sometimes wishes he knew more about his birth mother, but his adoption was closed. Times have changed, and most adoptions now are open. We will help you know your birth mother and how much she loves you.

[We are hoping to adopt. You can view our It's About Love Profile HERE.]

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