#31 Days

My husband and I are hoping to adopt. There's not a lot we can do, but while we are waiting for our MAYBE BABY, we think a lot about what we have to offer, why we want to be be parents, and how things will be when we are given the chance. Messages for our Maybe Baby includes explorations of all of these things, and a bit of insight into our personalities, hopes, dreams, and fears. Thanks for stopping in. Enjoy the 31 day journey!

Day 31: Quiet
Day 30: Krystle (From Blaine)
Day 29: I Want
Day 28: Elephant in the Room
Day 27: Our Home
Day 26: Kisses
Day 25: Fashionably Late
Day 24: Big and Small
Day 23: Tattletale
Day 22: Quotable
Day 21: Chin Up
Day 20: Grandma and Grandpa
Day 19: Aunt Velecia
Day 18: School
Day 17: Love
Day 16: Trials
Day 15: Quotable
Day 14: Bad News
Day 13: Jacer
Day 12: New Soul
Day 11: Neilly
Day 10: The Little Prince
Day 9: Grandma's House (from Blaine)
Day 8: If you are a BOY
Day 7: If you are a GIRL
Day 6: Daddy
Day 5: Treats
Day 4: Good
Day 3: Tears
Day 2: Babies
Day 1: Beginning

[These posts are part of the 31 Days Challenge from The Nester. Join in on the fun and read other posts on a myriad of topics!]

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  1. I love this idea!! My husband and I recently adopted our first after a long battle with infertility. He is an incredible joy to our family!! The road to get him wasn't easy but trust me... when you have your long awaited son or daughter in your arms, all the tears and pain and difficulty is so worth. Wishing you a quick journey!