October 7, 2013

Day 7: If you are a GIRL

Maybe Baby,
You know that I have four sisters. Three of them are older than me and one is my baby sister. Girls are funny. Sometimes we cry for no reason, and sometimes we yell for no reason, but always we are worth all the effort. Your dad and I will do the best we can to raise you to be happy and smart and kind. Those things matter most. I will teach you to look in a mirror and see beauty that I know is there. I will teach you what a special child of God you are--a special daughter of a loving father in heaven. And we will shop together, even when you are tiny. I will teach you to cook just like my mom taught me. I will need both Grandmas to teach you to sew because I have never been patient enough to learn. Moms and daughters have a special bond. If you are a girl, you will have two mommies (your birth mother and me) and you will know how much you are loved.

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