October 29, 2013

Day 29: I Want

Maybe Baby,

How do I know what lessons you need to hear until I see your face and hold your little hand? I don't. How do I know what advice you might need when you are an angst filled teenager?  I don't. Right now, I spout off vague silly wonderings, not really knowing what you will like to know or what you really need to get through life. 

Heavenly Father places people in our lives who are exactly what we need. I have a friend who makes me laugh. I laugh at everything she says. I have a friend who brings me back down to earth, who helps me see the logic when I am feeling crazy.  I have another friend who I only see once a year who can still manage to see right to my heart.

When you and I find each other, I will do my best to help you learn and grow. I will teach you things I have learned to save you from the hard lessons. I want to be someone who makes you laugh, who brings you back to earth, and who can sometimes see right into your heart. Is that too much to ask?

Love you.


[We are hoping to adopt. You can view our It's About Love Profile HERE.]

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