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Day 30: Krystle (From Blaine)

Maybe Baby,
Your mama is amazing. I love her to pieces. She is really funny and makes the most adorable faces. Sometimes she catches me looking at her and blushes. I love it. Your Mama is so special to me I wanted our proposal to reflect that. Let me explain.
For family-home-evening. My dad would always find a classic movie for us to enjoy: Sabrina, Singing in the Rain, or a recent John Wayne purchase (dad's favorite). In these movies the woman was surprised when the man would propose. It was always a shock but a no brainer that was the answer to their situation. I would ask couples how they got engaged, went ring shopping, and did everything before he proposed.

I wanted special, I wanted old fashioned.

Driving home on a special Wednesday from Salt Lake, I dropped by Wilson Diamonds, and picked out a ring. On the drive home I arranged to talk her dad to ask his permission and blessing. I also arranged the proposal.

Finally the weekend came and off to the school play,
The Importance of Being Earnest
Happily ever after...
[We are hoping to adopt. You can view our It's About Love Profile HERE.]

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Most importantly

I have been a Primary teacher for the past few years. I like it a lot because it gives me a chance to know kids in the ward that otherwise would be strangers to me. And, I am learning all sorts of lessons about love and patience and what it might be like to teach my own children gospel principles.

Last week during the final meeting, we had a mini-lesson that gave every person in the room a chance to stand up and "fill in the blanks" of the following phrases. It was beautiful, and I decided that I would use it to frame tonight's blog post.

My name is __________________. 
I [like to] __________________,
but most importantly I am a child of God. 

I like the idea of it, this one simple [and enormous] thing that everyone could testify of. Tender.

My name is Krystle.
I like to wash dishes and organize things,
but most importantly I am a child of God.

My name is Krystle.
I make mistakes more often than I would like,
but most importantly I am a child of God.

My name is Krystle.
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Today, June 29, is the year mark from the day I became a mom.

My entire life has been a series of tender mercies. I am still convinced that I was given my scholarship to Westminster simply because Heavenly Father knew that as a teenager, my tendency was to give up if things were too hard, and He knew I needed to be a teacher.

When I moved to Nephi, I was given a great job simply because the Lord knew that I needed to be HOME in order to sort out the mess I was making of my life. It worked.

Shortly after falling in love with Blaine, I became his Mrs. without hesitation. Our relationship is now and always has been EASY. We knew that we could build a happy life, that we could build a beautiful forever and so we did. We are.
We found an incredible home with room to grow. Purchased at auction, we marveled at the home and tried to think of how we could possibly fill five bedrooms. A tender mercy.

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