October 13, 2013

Day 14: Bad News

Maybe Baby,

I'm half-way through these messages, and so far I've only given you the good news. That's not really fair. There are a lot of good things to tell you, but there are some scary things too. Take last night, for instance. I spent some time on my phone, reading through the daily news.

Front page news right now? Assault, stabbing, shooting, death, despair.

As I was reading, I realized something true and sad: you will be entering a world that is hard. There are some scary things in this world. There is a lot of negativity. Your life, in many ways, will be more challenging than my life simply because you are entering at a challenging time in history. There are a lot of scary statistics that show the ways your life will be harder.

Right now, the average length of a marriage in America is 8.8 years. That's too short.

In many places, the traditional family is becoming the exception rather than the rule.

Many people predict that never again will someone be able to say that they are better off than his or her parents. We've peaked as a society, and now many things are going downhill.

It scares me a little, as I'm sure it scares all (maybe) parents, to think of this world that we are bringing you into.

But I can't just end there. There are bits of good new sprinkled in. Did you notice? It might have been the SIXTH down on the news list, but a search helped a woman reunite with her family after THIRTY YEARS. That's incredible. It's a sliver of happiness. You might not have seen it, but I am willing to help you, to point it out.

In life, I think that there is good news, too. Some people spend so much time focusing on the bad that they forget about the good. But it's there. It might be sandwiched between the bad stuff, but GOOD is there if you look hard enough.

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  1. The world is SO full of good- they just report more of the bad :) Love this!