October 9, 2013

Day 9: Grandma's house

Maybe Baby,

Family is very important to us. I hope you can understand that friends are great but family is forever. I have always loved family reunions, because I get different points of view when I am able to hear firsthand from family members that have traveled and been seasoned with different cultures and ways of living. My parents were raised nearby to their grandparents and relatives and I want the same for you. I have always been an hour or a state away from grandparents, and that's too far.

Krystle & I love having family close and have chosen to live within walking or biking distance to each grandma's house. So you can have your cheerleaders close at hand. For cookies & milk, or a never-get-old hug.

Families are forever and that includes grandma....and grandpa! :-)

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