October 1, 2013

Day 1: Beginning

I’m beginning my 31-day challenge today. The premise is this: write about the same topic every day for 31 consecutive days. My topic: our maybe baby. My husband and I are hoping to adopt. We want to adopt a boy. We want to adopt a girl. We feel like there is a maybe baby out there who can benefit from the love we share. 

While Blaine and I are open to adopting children of any age (not just babies), I’m referring to these posts as messages for my maybe baby, that child who might just be a twinkle that I will someday be given a chance to help raise. These posts will be a mixture of heart and head, of messages I want to send or things that I think about. They are mostly from the heart, for you to read so you can get to know us just a bit more. These posts chronicle my thoughts as I contemplate adoption. More than anything, they are messages for the little bite-size that I hope to someday hold. Without further flourish, I present to you: messages for our maybe baby.

[We are hoping to adopt. You can view our It's About Love Profile HERE.]

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  1. That's lovely! What a beautiful gift to your someday (maybe) baby!