March 26, 2014

Yep. It's been a year.

Today we had our second home study. That means that we have been on this adoption journey for one year. I scrambled like a mad woman, cleaning our already clean home. I hassled Blaine, talked him into loading the dishwasher, clearing his stuff off the desk in the office and helping me make our house smell less like teenage boy (We've had a lot of brother-visitors lately). :)

Our lovely caseworker walked into our front room and no where else, so all the cleaning was in vain.

Last year, when I was prepping for my home study, I was convinced that I absolutely needed to have a table runner. You know those strips of fabric that run down the middle of a table for no apparent reason? I needed one.

I tried to make a mockup using fabric scraps and wood glue. It was not pretty. It looked as sad as it sounds.

My mom, sensing my urgency, came over to my house, threaded my machine, and gently and patiently helped me sew. I think it's beautiful. I think she's amazing.

This year, I did not need a table runner. I did not need anything, really. I did purchase a clock to go in the lounge, but I've been wanting it for a while.

Maybe each year we get a home study, I'll add one little bit of decor to my home, to commemorate the event.

Maybe within the next year, we will have an addition far more exciting and priceless than a silly home accessory. That would be awesome.

It's been a year.

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  1. This is the year. Your house only needs one more addition.:)