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What Do I Want Out of Life?

While cleaning out my desk I came across a piece of my writing from 2009. I thought I would share it here. :)

What Do I Want Out of Life?

In the long run?
A home
A family
A Friday night date

Someone who loves me more
Than I have ever loved

A goodnight kiss
Hot chocolate at midnight

A miracle

Early morning breezes
And bike rides
Pumpkin cake and cream cheese frosting

Little wiggly toes to tickle.
Laughter at bedtime
A tiny someone who has my eyes.



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My Place

I am trying to find my place in the world. Two years ago, I changed jobs. I have always defined myself as a teacher. It's not what I do, it is who I am. So when I moved to the district office, to the "dark side" as my teacher-friends called it, I felt a bit lost. A few months after changing jobs, my husband and I made the choice to buy my childhood home. He was all in, and I was hesitant. Life, I know, is always about change, but I am just so tired of moving forward. There is something to be said, too, about breaking out of the world you know. Am I making my world too small, to move back to where I began?

The move was hard. I left my neighbors and friends, the people who have known my children since that very first day. The first day we walked into church as a family of six, all my little boys were wearing boots. One of them had pee down the front of his pants. Buzz cuts and new socks and hesitant smiles. We walked into that room and said, "Hey. We're parents no…

Most importantly

I have been a Primary teacher for the past few years. I like it a lot because it gives me a chance to know kids in the ward that otherwise would be strangers to me. And, I am learning all sorts of lessons about love and patience and what it might be like to teach my own children gospel principles.

Last week during the final meeting, we had a mini-lesson that gave every person in the room a chance to stand up and "fill in the blanks" of the following phrases. It was beautiful, and I decided that I would use it to frame tonight's blog post.

My name is __________________. 
I [like to] __________________,
but most importantly I am a child of God. 

I like the idea of it, this one simple [and enormous] thing that everyone could testify of. Tender.

My name is Krystle.
I like to wash dishes and organize things,
but most importantly I am a child of God.

My name is Krystle.
I make mistakes more often than I would like,
but most importantly I am a child of God.

My name is Krystle.
I am …